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Welcome To Faith + Favor With Coach Misty

Queen It’s time for you to experience faith plus favor….

Welcome To Faith + Favor With Coach Misty

My faith journey began after my faith journey began; read that again. When I gave my life to Christ around the age of twelve, know one explained to me that I received Jesus by faith (Romans 10:9). It wasn’t until I turned thirty, that my walk with God became serious. I was trying to understand my true purpose and walk out a divorce at the same time. I was unfulfilled in my life and left to raise three boys alone, so  I ran to Jesus to help me heal my broken heart. Who knew that my pain was producing purpose, as I discovered wisdom in my wounds. I remember crying to God at night, asking him to take the pain away, only for him to tell me to have faith. 

I had to search long and deep to figure out where my faith journey really began. To be honest, I believe that seeds of faith were planted in me as a child, and I just didn’t understand it. I will never forget the day that my faith was activated through Pastor Ralph Douglas West in a sermon. He said “ask God to open up the eyes of your understanding, and he will give you a vision that no man can understand.” 

That word took root on the inside of me, and I began having visions and dreams for my life that required me to walk by faith. The next week I asked Pastor West “what is faith?” His response was “keep on living, lol but come by the office in the morning and I will give you some books.” 

Needless to say this is where I believe  my journey began as a Woman Of Faith. 

I stepped out on faith to preach the gospel in 2006

I walked out my healing from Cancer by faith in 2007

I stepped out on faith to give birth Sister’s With Voices Ministries online in 2008

I stepped out on faith and began podcasting online in 2008 when it wasn’t popular

I stepped out on faith to become a author in 2013

I stepped out on faith to leave my career after 24 years in 2014

I started my Coaching firm by faith in 2017

I stepped out on faith and gave birth to my handmade skincare line in 2021

My name is Misty Goodwin and I’m a Woman Of Faith who walks in Gods favor….. May I Inspire you to step out on faith and walk in Gods favor, by applying biblical principles to your everyday living…

Faith + Favor is your portion….

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Abundant Blessings Overflowing,

Coach Misty


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