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A Woman Of Wellness

A Woman Of Wellness

I want to bring you on a journey to becoming a Woman of Wellness with me this year.
God desires for us to prosper in the soul, but it requires us to maintain our deliverance. When most think of wellness, they think of a regimen of foods, and herbs for the body, but you must add a regimen for your soul; in order to receive the full manifestation of wellness.

God wants you to be a “Well Watered Woman” in order to bring nourishment to your soul. This is the process of wellness by allowing the Holy Spirit to come in, and water your soul through the word. This process will unveil the deep rooted places in your life that’s choking your seeds, and keeping you in bondage.

Today I’m going to give you a Soul Regimen that will lead you to wellness….


Job 14:9 NASB

At the scent of water it(I) will flourish and put forth sprigs like a plant.

Water Your Soul Regimen

A well-watered life starts with uprooting the weeds before you start planting a seed for wellness. It takes time for the seed to grow, become deeply rooted, and produce fruit.

Your relationship with Jesus is a lifetime journey, that requires you to be present in every moment, by committing to an intimate relationship (a deeper understanding of who he is in your life).

Queenfirmation: I am well watered because Jesus, the living water, satisfies my soul’s thirst forever.

Well Watered: “well watered” begins and ends with knowing Jesus. When you decide to be a doer of Gods word, your obedience will nurture your soul. Dig deep into the soil of the word to discover who Jesus is, and who he calls you to be. The well-watered life is fueled by faithfulness to Jesus, and this manifests itself in our actions of obedience. A man cannot feel the drought of your soul until Jesus fills the thirst traps with his unfailing love.

Queenfirmation: I am planted in the Word by the Gardener of my soul.

Planted: Planting yourself in the house of the Lord, allows those that are anointed, to oil your roots that will lead you to deliverance in the areas of your life, that’s in bondage. Even if you are planted and rooted virtually.

Dig into your roots and discover the power you have to over adversity. Remember that you’ve been planted by the Gardener and that the pain of your past has purpose in your life.

Queenfirmation: I am rooted in the unshakable gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rooted: Your life has roots. Buried in your soul are the thoughts and beliefs that guide and direct your days. Expose the generational roots and ground your mind in truth by memorizing Scripture, uprooting the lies and planting the truth that sets you free, and meditating on the Word of God, day and night for success.



Queenfirmation: I am growing in grace every day as I seek to know Jesus more.

Growing: In order to grow, you must learn to accept God’s gift of grace; through the pruning of your soul. God prunes us as we read and study his word, as the Holy Spirit works in the soil of our souls. Growth also comes as we abide in Christ, and be transformed by the sewing of our mind, through Gods word. This fertilizes the soil of your soul, and leads you through the process to wholeness.

Queenfirmation: I will bloom in God’s timing, and for his glory.

Blooming: In order to bloom, you have to know the season you are living in. Just as the seasons in nature change, so do the seasons of your life. Blooming comes when we humbly submit to Jesus, be a doer of his word, and follow Him with a  heart of gratitude.

Queenfirmation: I will flourish, as I abide in Christ in all seasons.

Flourishing: A life that produces lasting fruit, is one that is faithful to the process that God has you in. As you submit to the process of spiritual growth, and maturity,  your faith and knowledge of the word, will develop a natural outflow of fruit to share with others.

I’m excited that you are on your way to wellness.

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