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Build Your Queendom

Build Your Queendom 

“She believed that she could and she did.”

So 13 years ago, I did a thing…

This is a picture of my old self when I finally took my 1st major leap of faith & started building my Queendom. I did it brick by brick by embracing the climb instead of looking for my elevation through a door. I Elevated my Faith & my Faith Elevated my life. It was my 1st photo shoot & I made up my mind that I would walk by Faith & not by sight & do it afraid. It was the best decision of my life & I haven’t looked back.
?Growing From Faith 2 Faith?
? I still worked my full time job and committed to fully invest in my vision and dreams.
?I didn’t wait for money to come to get started, God took my little and made it much.
?I made mistakes along the way, and I’m still growing through my mistakes.
?I never relied on family and friends to support me. I looked for clients who needed what I had.
?When I wanted to give up, I didn’t. I kept walking by faith.
?I was a divorced mother of 3 boys and stayed up late nights sacraficing my sleep to be able to leave a legacy for my children.
?I never stopped believing in myself or my vision.
?My faith kept growing and this year I took another leap of faith and gave birth to my own app and launched my second business, Milk And Honey Glow Bar LLC.

Today as I celebrate my start of entrepreneurship
I want to encourage you to keep waking by faith as a Queen Preneur. Trust the process and keep walking by faith. Build your Queendom 1 brick at a time. Don’t grow weary in your well doing, your harvest will come.




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